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If you are keen on playing games in land-based casinos, this is an easy one for you as online slots are no different at all. They work in pretty much the same way: you deposit your money, picking your preferred game, choosing the stake and then hitting the spin button. To be fair, online slot games are more suitable due to the fast pace and the assurance in the RTP they provide. There is always a slight doubt of the authenticity of land-based slots and the people that service them as compared to the online slots where no such rigged products can be provided and all of them use the same edition by the game provider. On the other side, and maybe more important, the players are not exposed to the environment while playing. The influences and distractions from other players or inappropriate behaviors can be detrimental and highly unpleasant to the experience that a player gets during their play. In online slots, you are all by yourself, having enough time to think about the bets and focusing on winning real money. Another advantage of the online casinos is that they are easy to switch to if you are not satisfied with the current casino where you are playing. Not to forget the benefit of playing free of charge as well as a way how to test-ride the game and your luck during the first few hands.